Smart Ways to Level up your Online Presence

In today’s business climate where every brand is poised to crush their competitors online,you have to equip yourself with the right tools to survive. It is not enough to have a website,a Facebook page,or an app for your brand. You have to maximize your presence and consider every available means to be a customer-oriented business.

Here are a few options on how to boost your online presence and to cater to the growing needs of your customers that are more digital savvy now than ever.


Chatbots are smart software programmed to interact with users as a customer service agent would. They answer queries about products and service and guide users in making decisions. Responses are clear and informative,making inquiries short and simple. What’s best about chatbots is they provide answers in real-time 24/7,allowing you to establish an image as a responsive and customer-friendly business.

Social Commerce

Online users’ attention is rather all over the place and almost unpredictable. They shift from one app to another and jump from one social network to another. This is why you have to be everywhere to capture their attention. This is where one must consider using social commerce options such as shoppable posts. These are posts that let users buy a product at the app or website they are on. This trend is very useful in businesses that rely heavily on their social media channels,especially today when people use these platforms to perform searches and to purchase.

Chatbots and social commerce are only two ways to maximize your business’ online presence. Consider adding these on your digital marketing strategy and see for yourself. Consult with agencies specializing in digital marketing and SEO in Hongkong so you can start it the right way.

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